The Israel component of the Ziegler School program is very important. The creation and growth of the State of Israel have transformed Jewish life in ways more profound than anyone would have anticipated half a century ago. To serve as a leader in the Jewish world today requires an intimate familiarity with the State of Israel, its politics, its people and the challenges it faces. The Ziegler Israel experience is designed to give students that and much more.

Studying at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem also affords Ziegler students an opportunity to spend a year with students from other institutions training rabbis as well as dedicated lay people from all around the world. Students will also learn together with students from the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York) in an Israel seminar on a regular basis.

Ziegler students study in Israel for the Fall and Spring semesters of Year III (or year IV for those in a six-year program). Students who have personal extenuating circumstances that might prevent them from attending the Israel year should speak with the Dean of the Ziegler School. The Israel experience is a central part of the ZSRS program, and exemptions from the Israel year will be granted rarely and only with the approval of a Faculty Committee and when absolutely necessary.