While in the program, Ziegler students are encouraged to open themselves to spiritual and personal development. In the process of considering and/or training for the rabbinate, a person will undoubtedly be exploring questions of belief, ideology and personal conviction. The Ziegler School is committed to providing each candidate and/or  student the same guidance and support that rabbis provide to individual members within the students of the Ziegler School can expect a warm and inviting reception meant to support and nourish the individual throughout his or her own process. From the time candidates are identified, the dean, assistant deans and other school staff are open and available to helping in whatever way possible.

As part of the program, the Ziegler School extends a hand to each person to encourage and facilitate this process. Each semester, students participate in Shiur Klali, a regular discussion in smaller groups facilitated by one of the school deans or teachers. Shiur Klali offers students an opportunity to explore and process personal, spiritual, and halakhic issues from within their own individual insights, journeys, and perspective.