The Ziegler School not only respects, but also rejoices in the unique gifts and qualities of each student. Each person has deeply personal ways of expressing a commitment to God and to Jewish tradition. Yet when all is said and done, the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies is both a school and a community. For Jews, community is essential. At its core, the Ziegler community can become a model for the type of community that graduates seek to create in their rabbinate. Students of the Ziegler School learn together and grow in a community that is open, honest, searching and supportive.

The Ziegler School’s fundamental commitment is to ensure that the brit between God and Am Yisrael flourishes. There is a strong devotion to producing outstanding, learned, and inspirational models who will be able to add to the greatness of Torah in the challenging decades ahead. The school is also committed to students; and wants to help them grow and to graduate from the Ziegler School with the faith, knowledge, and passion that will enable them to commit their lives to the service of God, Torah, and the Jewish people. At the same time, communal standards of observance strengthen personal commitments and prepare each member of the school for the work to be done as a rabbi.

In addition to the classroom experience, Ziegler students come together in many ways. Daily minyan, run by students, is an integral part of the day in which everyone, regardless of their class schedule, is invited to join together in moments of personal reflection and communal prayer. Throughout the year, students and faculty also observe Judaism’s sacred moments together through formal and informal Shabbat and holiday programming, shared meals, and discussions. In addition, members of the community celebrate one another’s simcha in times of joy, and are there to comfort during the difficult moments of death, illness, or other personal challenges.