The Ziegler School was conceived to train a new generation of Conservative rabbis to address the spiritual needs of a changing North American Jewry. Ours is an era in which Jews are asking "Why be Jewish?" with greater urgency than ever before. While previous generations might have committed to Jewish life out of obligation or tradition, we believe that today's and tomorrow's Jews will join our community only if we can show them how Jewish life can enrich their lives and touch their souls.

As a result, the rabbinic program is dedicated to training Conservative rabbis who are not only deeply versed in Jewish texts and committed to Jewish traditional practice, but who can transmit the beauty and richness of Judaism to others. Offering an academically and spiritually rigorous program of text study and religious practice, students are encouraged to ask questions and challenge themselves. Graduates enter the rabbinate with the vision and ability to energize others religiously, spiritually and intellectually, and to model the ideals of traditional Judaism in the contemporary world. The future of Jewish life requires nothing less.


The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies fosters an unprecedented blend of academic rigor, emotional warmth and openness, traditional and innovative spirit in the service of God, Torah, and Israel. The School fuses the methods and findings of the academic study of Judaism with the fervor and devotion of traditional study and observance. The School focuses on the journey of each rabbinical student to produce extraordinary rabbis to lead the Jewish people in a renaissance of talmud Torah (learning), shmirat mitzvot (observance), and gemillut hesed (acts of social justice and personal compassion). In this way, the School strengthens and energizes Conservative Judaism and Klal Yisrael.