Writings & Speeches of Elie Wiesel

Image of Wiesel and Woznica conversing
Event Time
7:30 PM
Rabbi David Woznica

Shapiro Synagogue

AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, 90077 

Event Details

Elie Wiesel survived Auschwitz and became a witness for the Six Million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The Nobel Committee called him “a messenger to mankind.” We will analyze videos of his most moving speeches and selected texts in order to examine his thinking about some of the most important issues facing our world. We will discover how Professor Wiesel weaved stories and patterns throughout his work. We conclude with footage from one of Rabbi Woznica and Professor Wiesel’s public dialogues, revealing theological and personal insights about the life of this extraordinary and graceful man.

This series made possible through the generosity of The Dr. Joseph (lz) and Rose Mary Shuchart (lz) Backlar Memorial Lectureship.

About the Speaker

Rabbi David Woznica, who conducted seven public dialogues with the Nobel Laureate, is Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin Rabbinic Chair at Stephen Wise Temple.



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Whizin Center for Continuing Eduaction
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