Synagogues Among Minarets: Jews of the Ottoman Empire

Event Time
6:30 PM
Blady, Ken
AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles, 90077 

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Topics include Asian Minor Jewry before the Turkish conquest; the Jew as dhimmi in Hanafi Islam; Millet: Jewish communal autonomy in the Otooman Empire; Jewish Communities in the Ottoman Empire; Romaniote. Sephardim, Mizrachim, Ashkenazim, Samaritan, and Karaite; Profiles Salonika: The "Jerusalem" of the Ottoman Empire; Sabbathean Crypto-Jews: the Donmeh of Istanbul; Ottoman decadence and disintegration. and the demise of Turkish Jewry; the Armenian Genocide: Jewish perspectives; "The Jews of Silence": Turkish Jewry today.
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Whizin Center for Continuing Education
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