Roots & Bitter Fruits of Anti-Semitism with Author Jonathan Dobrer

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4:00 PM
Jonathan Dobrer

Sperber Community Library

AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, 90077 

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Anti-Semitism, as the world’s longest continuous Xenophobia, is important not simply because it happened to Jews. It is also a lesson on how madness and barbarism can strike anywhere and how seemingly stable societies can turn violently against other peoples, religions, ethnicities, and tribes and revoke their humanity—setting them up for persecution and even slaughter,

There are important lessons for all peoples of all faiths.

This book, The Roots & Bitter Fruits of Anti-Semitism, is the culmination of five courses I’ve taught over the years at American Jewish University, as well as my experiences growing up Jewish, being married to the child of survivors, studying in Vienna and living in Tunisia.

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About the Author

Jonathan Dobrer is a journalist and writes Op-ED for 14 papers. He holds degrees in International Relations, Philosophy and Religion, studied in Vienna and served the Peace Corps in Tunisia. Dobrer started his professional life doing stand up comedy.

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