Reclaimed for History: the Exodus from Egypt, the Settlement of the Land, and the Kingdom of David, son of Jesse

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7:30 PM
$45 for the series; $18 per lecture

Gindi Auditorium

AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, 90077 

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The Whizin Center and the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation’s 28th Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology

This program is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Mr. Fred Simmons, Esq. (z”l).

Monday, February 4 | 7:30pm | Michael G. Hasel | The Age of David and Solomon: New Archaeological Discoveries for the Early Kingdom of Judah

Wednesday, February 27  | 7:30pm | Dror Ben-Yosef | Israel's Beginnings in the Jordan Valley ca. 1200 BCE

Wednesday, March 13  | 7:30pm | Richard Elliot Friedman | The Two Revolutions and the Exodus

Background: Scholars at a few leading universities around the world dismiss the historicity of the Exodus, the Israelite Settlement, and the establishment of David’s Kingdom. In the 1980s, some American and Israeli archaeologists of Iron Age Israel (ca. 1200-586 BCE) pointed out that no archaeological evidence endorsed the historicity of what is described in the Bible about these three major events. By the 1990s, they were supported by European and Israeli biblicists who claimed that most of the Bible’s “historical information” had been made up around the beginning of the Persian period (550-332 BCE) by Israelite elites.

Response: The scholars taking part in this year’s program present new findings and data from excavations and surveys along with contemporary understandings of crucial biblical narratives that challenge and refute “archaeology alone” and “historical minimalism” approaches.

Dr. Ziony Zevit introduces the program, welcomes our scholars and summarizes what we have learned at the conclusion of each presentation.

About the Presenters

Michael G. HaselProfessor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology, Southern Adventist University, has directed excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa, Tel Socoh, and Tel Lachish. His extensive bibliography includes many articles and books including in the Footsteps of David (2011, 2018), Jerusalem: An Archaeological Guide (2016).

Dror Ben-Yosef, Heritage Director of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, North District, has excavated more than ten sites. From 1992-2007, he also participated in the intensive archaeological surveys of Mt. Manasseh and the Jordan Valley. Among his recent publications are The Jordan Valley during the period of Iron Age I: A First Look (2015) and The Jordan Valley during the Period of Iron Age II: Shepherds and Fortresses (2016).

Richard Elliot Friedman, Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Georgia, is an internationally known biblical scholar who participated in excavations in the City of David. His long list of publications includes his famous Who Wrote the Bible? (1987, 1997, 1999), The Bible with Sources Revealed (2004) and The Exodus (2017).

Ziony Zevit, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Literature at the American Jewish University, has moderated the Biblical Archaeology series at the AJU for 25 years. Among his recent publications is Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation in the Hebrew Bible (2017, an edited volume). Zevit has also participated in excavations at Lachish and Tel Dan.

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