Oil Painting with Adria Becker

Picture of an abstract oil painting
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10:00 AM
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Adria Becker
Oil Painting

15600 Mulholland Drive

Los Angeles, CA, 90077

AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles, 90077 

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If you're an experienced artist, or always wanted to paint and draw and are ready to dive in, this course offers a supportive Right Brain approach to personal expression, and for finding the origins of your creativity. Beginning with contour drawing, students work on individual projects with guidance from the instructor, learning about color and shape, how to use oil paint, and developing their own style, inspired by memories, narratives, and personal histories. 

Class is held Fridays 10:00 am - 1:30 pm. 

AJU's Familian Campus

Bel Air, CA

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Whizin Center for Continuing Education
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