"Galitzyaners": Polish Jews in the Hapsburg Empire

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6:00 PM
Blady, Ken
AJU's Familian Campus

15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, 90077 

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“Galitzyaners”: Polish Jews in the Hapsburg Empire In this class, we cover the following topics: Arendars and roshei kehillos: Traditional economic role, and communal and religious life of the Jews of southeastern Poland and northwestern Ukraine; on the road to Emancipation: Emperor Joseph II and the Toleranzpatent (1780-1790); Chassidic sects of Galitzyeh: Sanz, Bobov, Belz, and Ryzhin; the progressive Tempel Synagogue in Lemberg and poisoning of reform Rabbi Abraham Kohn; Brody as a key way station for the Jewish white slave trade and for emigration to New Worlds; ”Galitzyaner Ganiv!”: Caricatures and putdowns of the Galitzyaner Jews, and who initiated the stereotyping; Jews among Ukrainians and Poles and the rise of violent anti-Semitism in the 1880s-1890s; Galitzyaner Jewry during WWI and in reconstituted Poland
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