The professors put as much into their students in their academic capacity as they do in a mentoring role; helping students navigate and build more than just their academic self, but a student's whole self.

Zach Morrow

School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact
Los Angeles, CA
What advice would you give to an incoming AJU student?
Don't hide from your professors. Interact, Challenge, Be a human - they don't bite. And, they may just be super helpful in the future.
Why did you choose AJU for your BA/MBA?
For my undergraduate degree. I was looking for a program that would give me a small classroom experience and was local enough to fit my schedule. Additionally, I loved the proximity I had with my professors and dean in the MBA program. The close relationships I had with the leadership of the MBA program really helped me to broaden my view of the nonprofit world.
What are your future career ambitions?
Ultimately, I want to help nonprofits rethink the way they come to market. For many that will mean the wrapper they put on their products and emails. For the truly exceptional cases I strive to work on: that will mean a serious focus on building a brand strategy that fits in line with measurable outcomes and a completely customer-focused approach.
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What do you love about Los Angeles?
Visit the different neighborhoods of our incredibly diverse, changing city.
Current Profession:
I work in Nonprofit Marketing Strategy.
Year of Graduation