I appreciate learning about modern business practices through the lens of more traditional values like self-improvement, patience, gratitude, compassion, community, and service to others.

Deborah Engel Kollin

School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact

Meet Deborah Engel Kollin, the Relationship Manager for the Miller Introduction to Judaism program at American Jewish University. Deb is a current student at SEMSI, and graduates in 2023. She likes cooking for family and friends and gets lost in a good book or a difficult puzzle. Read on to learn about why SEMSI was the best fit for her.

What is the most impactful thing you've learned in the program that changed how you work in your current role?
As the Relationship Manager for the Miller Introduction to Judaism program, I work with over 70 affiliate organizations. While they all have something in common, each institution is unique as well. When I make decisions that impact the entire affiliate network, I now look at each affiliate as a stakeholder and am sure to get their feedback on changes or new offerings.
What aspect of our program appeals to you most? What is most unique?
I appreciate the personal attention from the doctorate-educated faculty bringing their professional experience to each lesson. What I find most unique is that this program is a first-of-its-kind business school because it is fully committed to promoting value and impact - it is ingrained in every course I'm taking.
Why did you choose to go back to school to pursue your MBA at this point in your life?
I consider myself a lifelong learner and have taken many classes since receiving my first Masters in Education at AJU in 1991. When I learned about SEMSI and the focus on Social Impact, I knew this was the degree I wanted.