What has really struck me in the program is how I can make the work I do meaningful for not only myself as a leader but also for those I work with.

Beth Tigay

School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact
Los Angeles, CA
What advice would you give to an incoming MBA student?
Do the reading! Do the reading! Do the reading!
What has stood out the most to you as you have been in the MBA program?
It is so powerful to be surrounded by classmates who are striving to enhance their careers. I love being part of such a diverse cohort and am so appreciative of the connections and friends I have made in this program.
How has the MBA program aided you in your career?
This program really meets the needs of a working professional in any stage of their professional journey. The MBA program has really helped me to see the “bigger picture” and have a deeper understanding of how I can be most effective in my work.
Photo of Beth Tigay
What do you love about Los Angeles?
Enjoying the California sunshine on a hike.
What is your favorite book?
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.
Current Profession:
Executive Director, Spark LA
Year of Graduation