Announcing: American Jewish University’s School for Jewish Education and Leadership

We are pleased to announce the launch of our School for Jewish Education and Leadership. Formerly known as the Graduate Center for Jewish Education, American Jewish University’s naming of the School for Jewish Education and Leadership reflects a bold vision to empower the educators responsible for engaging and inspiring students of all ages, across their Jewish journeys. The School for Jewish Education and Leadership offers a robust slate of master’s and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as certification programs, designed to cultivate the Jewish educators and leaders who will work to ensure a vibrant Jewish future. The School for Jewish Education and Leadership is led by Dr. Rachel Lerner, who serves as Dean.  

The School for Education and Leadership prepares educators to create and articulate a compelling vision for Jewish education and apply the knowledge, skills, creativity and leadership needed to bring that vision to life. Home to the Fingerhut School of Education and various continuing education initiatives for educators, we are a trans-denominational center for educational leadership training, Jewish learning, professional development and research. AJU’s Familian and Brandeis-Bardin campuses provide a natural laboratory for innovation, experimentation and integration of experiential and traditional education. Our alumni provide leadership and vision in every sector of Jewish education across the denominational spectrum.