AJU Unveils First Business School Fully Dedicated to Enterprise Management & Social Impact

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AJU Unveils First Business School Fully Dedicated to Enterprise Management & Social Impact

School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact (SEMSI) will prepare a new generation of for- and non-profit business leaders to embrace stakeholder—not shareholder—capitalism and pioneer socially conscious enterprises of the future.

LOS ANGELES—American Jewish University (AJU) announced today the launch of a first-of-its-kind business school in the United States fully committed to promoting value and impact: the School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact (SEMSI). The creation of this school comes at a time when consumers are demanding that brands take a more ethical approach to business, and businesses are reconsidering their way to maximize value for all stakeholders, by measuring their impact against new metrics, such as the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). The coronavirus pandemic has further catalyzed this shift in the private sector, as businesses are being called on to help meet the needs of this challenging moment.

AJU’s School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact will empower a new generation of business leaders to serve as ethical change-agents who lead purpose-driven ventures, generate sustainable value for diverse stakeholders, and better the world. It will also train non-profit leaders, providing them with the management skills to create innovative and effective organizations. The School will examine the intersection of business needs and wider societal concerns, prompting students to consider stakeholder capitalism, focused on a broader set of actors beyond shareholders.

“The business leaders of tomorrow require an education that arms them with the ability to drive companies that prioritize communities, the environment, and society, not solely equity holders” said David Groshoff, Dean of SEMSI. “That’s precisely what we are doing at AJU’s School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact—not just in a single chapter or course, but in the entirety of our programmatic offerings, throughout our business school.”

SEMSI will offer a variety of degrees and certifications, including a reimagined and cutting-edge MBA program (set to begin Fall 2021) a BA completion program (set to begin shortly thereafter), and other offerings leveraging AJU’s unique institutional strengths. With a renowned faculty of leading thinkers on ethics, American Jewish University is distinctively positioned to develop a business school focused on social impact and moral centeredness.

“Society has arguably never faced a more challenging moment, and businesses and nonprofit organizations that elevate morally-centered leaders will pave the way to meet the needs of today and the future,” said Dr. Jeffrey Herbst, President of AJU. “At American Jewish University, we apply age-old Jewish wisdom and teachings to inspire students of all backgrounds to lead. These values are at the core of the curriculum at our School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact, and they are the foundation for stronger communities.”

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