Your Jewish Journey Starts at Miller Intro to Judaism

Welcome to the Miller Intro to Judaism Program! We invite you to explore Judaism with us. Whether you are in an interfaith relationship, re-discovering your Jewish heritage, or seek to convert to Judaism, we are here to support your journey.

Miller Intro to Judaism Program

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American Jewish University draws students from a broad geographic region, reflecting a population diverse in culture, background, religion, values and perspectives.

As an interfaith couple, the benefits of this program will help with our goal of raising a Jewish family that includes both of our cultures.
Miller Intro to Judaism Program
The Intro program was exactly what I was looking for- intellectual and spiritual growth. There was so much to learn from connecting with fellow classmates.
Miller Intro to Judaism Program
We are just so blown away by the sense of community in the Intro program and are thankful to have this space to be able to come back to whenever we need.
Miller Intro to Judaism Program
The Intro program is a great resource whether you’re looking for knowledge and community or just peer support.
Miller Intro to Judaism Program
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Be inspired and learn about Intro. We like to share stories about those who connect their learning to their Jewish journey.


We encourage you to get to know our instructors and leadership, and their dynamic backgrounds. 

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