INTRO 2.0 Texts + Contexts - Year I
JANUARY 23 - JUNE 7, 2020


10 Sessions, Thursdays 7-9 pm @ AJU
Co-taught by Rabbi Adam & Rabbi Morris 
Individual: $150 | Couple: $225

Ready to go beyond Intro to Judaism?

Imagine walking into the majestic reading room of a great university library, or into the comforting, dusty stacks of a classic used book store. That's where our journey begins.

Texts + Contexts: Year I is a guided stroll through three millennia of Jewish writing and thinking. Each week, we’ll pick a different book off the shelf, sampling Jewish wisdom and learning about the sages, scholars, and dreamers who created it. From poetry to fan fiction, epics to dark comedy, we’ll dive deep into essential Jewish texts, the worlds they came from, and their contemporary meaning. 

Course Outline:

  1. EPICS:  Classic stories of adventure, struggle, and transformation. Texts: Genesis, Exodus, 1 Kings (Jan 23)
  2. FAN FICTION: Prequels, sequels, and the wild rabbinic imagination. Texts: Talmud, Midrash (Feb 6)
  3. POETRY: Exploring the beautiful, seductive, and subversive power of poems. Texts: Psalms, Job, Song of Songs, Yehuda Amichai  (Feb 20)
  4. DARK COMEDY:  Dangerous satire and laughter’s triumph over despair. Texts: Megillat Esther (March 5)
  5. THEOLOGY: Meeting with G-d, G!D or G?D. Texts: Maimonides, Heschel, Buber (March 19)
  6. DRAMA: Waiting for God(ot)- Leaving Egypt over and over again. Texts: Talmud, Haggadah (April 2)
  7. PSYCHOLOGY: What happens when the world falls apart? Texts: Mishnah, Talmud, Hasidic Writings (April 23)
  8. HERESY: Revolutionary perspectives and banned books. Texts: Talmud, Maimonides (May 7)
  9. SHORT STORIES: Surprising revelations in small packages. Texts: The Tales of Rebbe Nachman (May 21)