INTRO 2.0 5781 Courage and Conscience

Over the course of year, we’ll examine Jewish texts that invite us to tune-in to our conscience and live courageously.  Courage is challenging the status quo.  Our conscience beckons us to take an honest look in the mirror and reach for growth. Courage is the search for meaning within chaos.  Conscience demands that we ask questions that lead to new questions.  The call to courage and conscience is worth answering.

Due to COVID-19 all classes are available as digital learning opportunities, delivered online via Zoom. Classes will be held from 6:30 - 8:00 PM pacific time. 

Course Units:  Our exploration of this theme will focus on three spheres:

  • Courage and Conscience in the Public Sphere. The fall semester (October 15, 29, November 12, 19, December 3, 17) topics will include: speaking truth to power, resistance on the streets, learning to love your neighbor
  • Courage and Conscience in the Private Sphere. The winter semester (January 7, 21, Feb. 4, 18, March 4, 18) topics will include: becoming your authentic self, resilience in the face of suffering, embracing intersectional identities
  • Courage and Conscience in the Face of Heaven. The spring semester (April 8, 22, May 6, 20, June 3, 17) topics will include: wrestling with God, the vulnerability of the unknown, partnering with the divine

Structure:  Each unit will be the focus of our learning for one semester (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Students can sign-up for the full year (at a discounted rate), one semester, or any combination of semesters.  Each semester will be 6 classes, meeting every other week.

Facilitation:  Classes will primarily be co-taught by Rabbi Adam Greenwald and Rabbi Morris Panitz.  Each unit will also feature one guest educator who offers particular expertise on the topic.


  • Full year: $250
  • One Semester: $100
  • Two semesters: $180