Looking to convert to Judaism?
Born Jewish and want to know more?
Sharing your life with a Jew and want to crack the code?

Our signature Intro course explores Jewish culture, history, and wisdom in a setting where questions are more important than answers. Classes are joined with beautiful Shabbat celebrations, supportive discussion groups, individualized Hebrew reading instruction, and many opportunities for interactive, experiential learning. 

We launch a new cohort nearly each and every month, with convenient locations spread all over Southern California (and, through our affiliates, across North America). Classes can be completed at your own pace —  speed it up or slow it down —  whatever works for your busy life.

Classes cover Judaism’s biggest and most inspiring ideas as well as the nuts-and-bolts of daily Jewish living. Over the 18-weeks we’ll cover history, holidays, practices, text, and values, and we’ll tour a mikvah (ritual bath), hear from a Holocaust survivor, hold a model Passover seder, and more. In addition, we’ll start with Aleph-Bet (Hebrew alphabet) and provide you opportunities to learn or brush up on your Hebrew skills.


Our highly subsidized tuition is $376 for an individual and $576 for a couple, which includes access to digital course materials. If you don’t have enough for tuition right now, don’t panic. Through the generosity of our supporters, we make sure that no one is ever turned away. Call us to discuss payment plans, scholarships and other options.