To learn more about the Intro Classes in Los Angeles, contact Janet Djalilmand, Maas Center Executive Assistant, 310-440-1250 or maascenter [at]

To learn about offering the Intro Program in your community, contact intro [at]  


The Miller Introduction to Judaism offices are located at:

15600 Mulholland Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90077

Phone: 310-440-1250

Email: maascenter [at] 


  • Photograph of Intro students on Ostrow Terrace
    Intro students on the Ostrow Terrace
  • Photograph Intro students together at Shabbat
    Intro students together at Shabbat
  • Photograph of Intro students in class
    Students in class at the AJU campus
  • Photograph of an intro couple learning together
    Learning Together