Relationships comprise the sacred core of Jewish community. The Maas Center for Jewish Journeys provides a suite of programs that help individuals, couples, and families, navigate critical and sensitive moments in their interpersonal relationships. We currently offer three programs in this realm, each of which is staffed by a team of rabbis and licensed marriage and family therapists, who facilitate learning and support participants in their growth and challenges.

Marriage for Life
Our Marriage for Life retreats provide couples with the opportunity to strengthen their relationships, learn new tools to communicate effectively, and address topics of potential conflict. 

Opening Doors
The Opening Doors program is aa 4-week online course for parents of adult children, seeking tools to navigate the shift in relationship that comes as children grow into adults, providing skill building and support as parents learn to create a new foundation for a meaningful relationship with their adult children.

Divorce & Discovery: A Jewish Healing Retreat
Divorce & Discovery: A Jewish Healing Retreat, provides individuals navigating separation and divorce the opportunity to traverse one of life’s great challenges with the support and guidance of Jewish ritual, wisdom and community. The Divorce & Discovery retreat intentionally leads individuals on a journey to let go of hurt, anger, guilt and resentment within a supportive Jewish community.

For questions about these events, please contact Rabbi Myra Meskin at myra.meskin [at]