• When will Innovate|LA take place?

    Innovate|LA begins with an evening orientation session on Sunday, May 31st; classes conclude on Friday, June 26th. Students should arrive on Sunday, May 31st and may stay in AJU’s dorms until Sunday, June 28th.

  • How much does Innovate|LA cost?

    The program fee is $5,950. 

  • Does the cost include room and board?

    Yes. Your $5,950 payment covers residency in AJU’s dorms from Sunday, May 31st until Sunday, June 28th, as well as weekday lunches and dinners in AJU’s Berg Cafeteria. All dorms have kitchen facilities for breakfasts and weekend meals. Meals will also be provided during off-campus excursions.

  • Will I have a roommate?

    Your $5,950 payment covers residency in a shared dorm room. A limited number of single dorm rooms are available for an additional fee of $680.

  • Why do some marketing materials identify Innovate|LA as a “beta” program?

    This is the first time that AJU is offering a summer certificate program for undergraduates and we will be actively assessing Innovate|LA as a model for the development of other new undergraduate programming. While we plan to offer exceptional academic courses and an excellent overall experience, we are trying new things and thus calling Innovate|LA a “beta” program in a spirit of transparency and as an invitation to participate in our own process of innovation.

  • Do I have to be Jewish to attend?

    No. Some optional co-curricular programming will explore innovation through a Jewish lens and consider the relationship between spiritual identity and professional ambition. You will also be invited to participate in Jewish religious traditions through Shabbat dinners on Friday nights and visits to innovative Synagogues on Saturdays, but these are also optional activities. There is no need to identify as Jewish, you will not be required to observe Jewish religious customs, and nobody will attempt to convert you to Judaism.

  • Who will teach my classes?

    Dr. Rich Potter, Chair of the Department of Media Arts in AJU’s College of Arts and Sciences, is the Director of Innovate|LA and will also teach one course. Additional faculty members will be announced as they are confirmed.