AJU’s Familian Campus, located in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, is the springboard for your exploration of one of the most innovative – and fun – cities in the world.

At Innovate|LA, being in class doesn’t mean being in the classroom.

Each week you’ll make multiple visits to sites around Los Angeles that provide a first-person perspective on the process of innovation. You might check out a skate park in Venice Beach or a fusion restaurant in Little Tokyo to consider the history of a particular innovation. You might visit an urban farm or a clean energy incubator to learn about innovative responses to Los Angeles’s 21st century challenges. You might spend a day at a fashion start-up or on a studio backlot to talk with professionals about how innovation happens where they work. And you’ll make multiple visits to one of Innovate|LA’s partner organizations as you work with them on a sophisticated solution to a real-world, complex problem.

Your urban immersion continues outside of classes.

Evening workshops and conversations with innovative leaders, both on and off campus, will provide a chance to explore various paths to career and personal fulfillment. And group excursions to important sites, whether iconic or obscure, will provide multiple perspectives on a multi-faceted metropolis and ensure you have opportunities to experience the best of Los Angeles.

You’ll also have free time to explore Los Angeles on your own terms or with your chosen crew. It’s your chance to be young and have fun in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

We’re confident that after four weeks at Innovate|LA, the city won’t look the same.