The Wall Street Journal recently published some advice for college students:

"You and your classmates will likely be expected to operate on a more sophisticated level than graduates of past decades. Technical skills turn over fast, so employers are looking for fast learners who can quickly evolve and have exceptional soft skills... You might be asked to prepare a client presentation your first week. In short order, you could be handed the job of managing a project." (A Wake-Up Call for Grads: Entry-Level Jobs Aren’t So Entry Level Anymore; May 10, 2019)

Innovate|LA will help you prepare for this new reality.

Traditional undergraduate degrees provide basic knowledge in a specific field. That’s not sufficient for success in the fluid economy of the 21st century. By supplementing your degree program with three vital skillsets, Innovate|LA’s certificate in Collaborative Innovation distinguishes your resume and puts you on the fast track to professional leadership in any field.

Innovate|LA enables you to work efficiently and productively in a team. Most undergraduate classes assign group projects without teaching – or even paying much attention to – the collaborative process. We’re all familiar with the results: lots of wasted time and one or two people end up doing most of the work. That doesn’t fly in the real world. Innovate|LA prepares you for professional collaboration. You'll explore the psychology of teamwork and you'll learn how to create a culture of cooperation that leads to better and more innovative solutions. By learning how to be a better team member, you’ll become a stronger leader.

Innovate|LA empowers you to understand innovation as a dynamic and iterative process, not a moment of individual inspiration or the application of advanced technology. The innovative process begins with an identification of unmet needs and continues through the generation and exploration of potential solutions. You'll fill your innovation toolkit with frameworks and techniques that have been developed by leading researchers and consultants, and you'll apply what you're learning by working on-site with one of Innovate|LA’s partner organizations to develop a sophisticated solution to a real-world, complex problem.

Innovate|LA emphasizes communication as an essential component of the innovative process. For a solution to take hold, partners and stakeholders must understand how it fits into an organization’s story and vision. At Innovate|LA, you’ll learn best practices for pitching a solution to a live audience using oral storytelling and digital media. If the boss tasks you with a client presentation during your first week on the job, you’ll be ready to go.

In a world undergoing a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the World Economic Forum has estimated that one-third of the skills considered important in today’s workforce will change over five-years. Because efficient collaboration, process-based innovation, and effective communication are skills with lasting value, Innovate|LA will help ensure that you’re set up for long-term success as an organizational leader in any field.