The common perception is that innovation equals high tech. At Innovate|LA, we don’t share the common perception.

Mobile apps, quantum computing, and biogenetics are all admirable products of innovation, but so are new uses for old tools, methods for boosting employee morale, and clearer communications with clients. Innovation can happen throughout an enterprise and advanced technologies aren’t required to unleash it.

Innovation is accelerated when process is infused with creative spirit.

That’s why Innovate|LA invites you to look inward and develop your personal creative confidence. This work begins on day one, as you assess your creative aptitude and write a creative autobiography; you don’t have to be an artist or entertainer to identify the creative DNA that will drive your evolution into an assured innovator. As you advance, you’ll learn about the psychology of creativity and interactive techniques for generating creative solutions. In the future, when you’re tasked with solving complex problems, you’ll have the attitude and tools to get the job done.

Innovate|LA encourages an expansive understanding of the creative spirit.

That doesn’t mean the program is designed for mystics, prophets, and poets, but we do think a spiritual perspective can be instructive. So, while you won’t get religion in the classroom, evening activities at Innovate|LA will introduce you to innovative leaders working to integrate a spiritual perspective into their professional lives, as well as spiritual leaders revealing how ancient technologies like Judaism can guide collaborative innovation in the 21st century.

We’re confident you’ll find our approach valuable, whether or not you’re a member of the tribe.

Additionally, for those who observe Jewish traditions or are curious to learn more about them, optional Seders and Sabbath visits to innovating Los Angeles synagogues will create more opportunities to hone an authentic spiritual identity.