It doesn't make sense to study innovation in a traditional manner. That's why Innovate|LA emphasizes experiential learning across four interrelated and dynamically scheduled courses.

At Innovate|LA, we understand the power of learning by doing. That's why we emphasize hands-on, experiential learning in the classroom, where readings and discussions are complemented by games, group activities, and creative challenges. Processing knowledge through experience and emotion, alongside analysis and reflection, allows for richer understanding and more fluid application. If you happen to find it less boring, that's a bonus.

You won't take Innovate|LA's courses all at the same time, nor will you take them one after another. In fact, you won't even take the same course at the same time each day. Instead, you'll follow a dynamic schedule that mixes shorter and longer classroom sessions with off-campus trips. This allows lessons and skills learned in one course to be reinforced and applied in other courses within an integrated learning process.

Innovate|LA's certificate in Collaborative Innovation is comprised of four courses:

  • Understanding Creativity and Innovation compares theories of human creativity and examines approaches to innovation in historical contexts and within different sectors of contemporary society. It introduces specific frameworks of organized and collaborative innovation that will be explored further in the remaining courses. (3 credits)
  • Ideation and Collaboration covers the theory and practice of techniques for generating and developing ideas within a coordinated team of stakeholders. It provides more detailed knowledge of specific frameworks of organized and collaborative innovation, as well as opportunities for developing practical skills needed to work within them. (3 credits) 
  • Innovation in Motion challenges students to apply what they've learned in response to complex problems of the type encountered by contemporary professional organizations. Through a series of off-campus site visits, students will apply specific frameworks of collaborative innovation in order to develop and communicate a proposed solution to a problem faced by a partner organization. (3 credits)
  • Communicating Creative Solutions addresses the skills necessary for articulating solutions as part of a shared vision, through the application of both rational and emotional appeals, by making use of formats and technologies appropriate to live audience presentations. During the final session of the course, students will present the proposal developed in Innovation in Motion. (1 credit)