The Graduate School of Nonprofit Management offers MBA students with the following options:

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise Specialty Track

Social entrepreneurs are prepared to thrive in our rapidly changing world by gaining the relevant knowledge, skills and tools necessary to bring innovative social ventures into existence. This track offers 4 specialty courses, including social advocacy, in which students gain and apply real-time knowledge through interactive classes, case studies practicums and field experience. The most current financial sustainability models are learned and analyzed. Venture philanthropists co-teach several courses. Each year since 2014, an average of 2 or more students create new local and global social ventures, all of which are thriving.


Fundraising & Fund Development Specialty Track

The Fundraising/Fund Development track focuses on the expertise needed to excel in the exponentially growing fields of fundraising, philanthropy and fund development.  This track offers 4 specialty courses that engage students in financial models of sustainability, and high-level donor cultivation.  Content covered in courses includes real-time grant writing proposals that are submitted to operating foundations, solicitation of  individuals for gifts, creation and implementation of strategic fundraising plans in the organizations where they work or volunteer. The most current fundraising trends including online platforms are learned and analyzed along with intricacies of planned giving and multi-generational endowment campaigns.