Early Childhood Education Extension Program

Become an Associate Teacher in Early Childhood Education by completing 12 semester units - 4 courses - at American Jewish University, as required by the Child Development Permit Matrix. The courses include Child Growth and Development, Partnering with Families and the Community, Child Guidance and Positive Discipline, and Creative Experiences for Young Children. There are three options to choose from:


This certificate covers the four courses required by the State of California in order to be an assistant teacher in an early childhood education center. Students are required to take EDU 301, 307, and 313. Students may choose from four options of curriculum/program classes.

  • EDU 301 Child Growth and Development (4 credits)
  • EDU 307 Introduction to Working with Young Children: Curriculum, Play, and Pedagogy (4 credits)
  • EDU 313 Partnering with Families and Community (4 credits)
    One of the following (4 credits each):
    EDU 309 STEM Education and Experiences
    EDU 311 Creative Experiences for Young Children
    EDU 306 Language and Literacy Development in ECE


Advanced Certificate in ECE Pedagogy and Curriculum

This certificate allows an early childhood educator to specialize in classroom curriculum, both designing and implementing a variety of subject areas. Students will learn about the indoor/outdoor classroom model, how to promote language and literacy in young children, STEM Education, and creative experiences of music, movement and art.

  • EDU 314 The Indoor and Outdoor Environments: A Classroom View (4 credits)
    EDU 306 Language and Literacy development and experience for young children 
    (4 credits)
  • EDU 309 STEM Education and Experiences (4 credits)
  • EDU 311 Creative Experiences for Young Children

Advanced Certificate in Special Needs in Early Childhood Education

Understanding Special needs in young children is crucial to providing the early intervention necessary to support growth and development. This sequence of courses gives early childhood educators the disposition and tools to recognize and work with those children who exhibit behaviors characteristic to special needs. Students will learn the history and laws related to special education, about the various types of special needs, and how to adapt to the needs of children.

  • EDU 315 Child Guidance and Positive Discipline (4 credits)
  • EDU 304 Collaboration and Adaptation for Special Needs in ECE (4 credits)
  • EDU 305  Field  Experience with Special Needs in ECE (2credits)

Cost per Course:
$600.00 with an additional $100.00 to convert the courses into a certificate.


Certificate Program in Teacher Coaching and Mentoring

The Certification Program in Teacher Coaching and Mentoring creates mentor teachers who will learn to make instruction and professional improvements for the classroom a priority within the culture of their school. Well trained mentor teachers can remain inside the classroom while providing growth opportunities for faculty and providing new teachers support and collaboration during their first years on the job.

The program will provide the social, emotional and cognitive skills for mentors to be successful with their mentees within a cohort model of learning. The certification also provides mid-career professional growth in the field of education. Participants will receive three (3) academic credits.


  • Minimum of 7 years working as lead instructor in a classroom
  • Leadership roles assumed inside of school
  • MA in education or relevant field (also open to current MAT students)
  • Previous experience working with teachers to improve instruction recommended
  • You must mentor a teacher for the duration of the program

Program Length

  • One three-day workshop held in August
  • Once a month evening sessions for 9 months

The cost of the certificate program is $2,000.00. 


Emerging Leadership Certificate Program

By enrolling in the emerging leadership certificate program you will gain a clear pathway to leadership within your day school, camp, synagogue supplemental program, or in another similar teaching environment. You will learn about what questions to ask, and develop the skill set and knowledge base necessary to develop top leadership skills. The program will help you gain a practical view for what it means to lead effectively and with vision.

Join a cohort of like-minded, emerging professionals working on their journey toward leadership.


  • Working in a Jewish day school, camp, part-time education, or other Jewish
    educational institution
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Desire to explore one’s leadership passions and capabilities

Program Length

  • One three-hour evening session per month
  • 10 sessions total

The cost of the certificate program is $2,000.00.