Gonen Rimer

Let me take you back to a simpler time; 1995 to be exact. I was born and had the jolliest time running around barefoot on Kibbutz Ketura, what we locals like to call "the center of the universe in the middle of nowhere." I went to a regional school from first to twelfth grade, and majored in high school in Theater Geography and History. I was active in "Noam," the youth movement of the Conservative Movement in Israel. I rose through the ranks all the way to the prestigious position of color war captain (and won).  I served my country and embrace my lumberjack look as a tour guide and "park ranger" at Neot Kedumim- the national biblical landscape reserve. Since then I've been a good wandering Jew and have done lots of cool things in lots of special places.  When I haven't been learning about other cultures and countries, I've been spotted on any and all sport fields running after a ball, or following it with my eyes on TV.