Amanda Herring

Amanda Herring is an experience curator and environmental/animal rights activist. Amanda is a 2011 graduate of Virginia Tech where she spent a semester at Haifa University and served as Hillel President. After graduation she worked at Hillel at VT, BirthrightNEXT in New York, and as Regional Director at the Israel on Campus Coalition. In 2018 Amanda received her Master’s in Experiential Education and Jewish Cultural Arts at GW, and completed the JOFEE Fellowship in Jewish, Outdoor, Food, Farming and Environmental Education with Hazon placed at OneTable in Washington, D.C. It was there that she combined her passions for Shabbat and sustainable food which together can nourish and heal communities and ecosystems. Amanda is the co-creator of The Jewish Planner, a weekly agenda book based in the luni-solar cycles of the Hebrew calendar. Amanda enjoys making greeting cards and eating amazing food with her Husband, Greg, who is a whole animal butcher and chef, and their two dogs Bubbe and Mensch.