Adina Polen

Artist-Educator (Applied Arts)
Photo of Adina Polen

Adina Polen is a visual artist, spiritual educator and founder of Atiq: Jewish Maker Institute, an applied arts yeshiva. Atiq partners with organizations around the country to bring sacred art making into a wide variety of contexts, and this March launched a community maker studio based in Berkeley, CA. Adina is also an illustrator, graphic designer, musician (alto sax), and former middle school teacher. After earning her BA in Music from Barnard College, she studied design at the Bezalel Academy and Hadassah College, and Jewish text at Midreshet Lindenbaum, the Pardes Institute and at Yakar, all in Jerusalem. Adina has channeled her love of weaving together Torah and arts into her work as a Counselor/Educator on the Nesiya Institute, and as a Maker Specialist for Edah Berkeley. Growing up in an observant family in Everett, a small industrial town outside of Boston, with parents who were constantly inviting all manner of guests for Jewish Holidays and gatherings in order to construct a Jewish spiritual community, Adina has been steeped in the do-it-yourself ethos of the Chavurah movement, Jewish Catalogue style creativity, and the teachings of Hassidut, from her earliest days. Adina lives in Berkeley with her husband and three young kids, where she improvises her way through the days. She believes that multi-sensory creative opportunities for spiritual quest, meaning making, and improvisation sustain us as individuals, and strengthen our communities in the most textured and layered ways.