The Politics & Global Studies Department goals are to graduate students who have achieved competency:

  1. As informed and ethical citizens
  2. As critical thinkers in Political Science and Global Studies theory and knowledge
  3. As competent communicators and researchers

In order to achieve these goals, the Department has developed a related set of program learning outcomes (PLOs). These learning outcomes are assessed through coursework in one of three ways; as either being introduced, developed or as having mastered and achieved competency in this skill.

These Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are:
1. Informed and Ethical Citizenry
Students will understand domestic and international policy issues facing the U.S. and the world, and be able to critically analyze policy choices and ways to contribute to the resolution of these problems.

2. Critical Thinking in Political Science and Global Studies Theory and Knowledge
Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to access and critically interpret credible sources of political knowledge, apply analytical thinking, value assumptions and criticism, and be able to propose alternative paradigms.

3. Communication and Research Skills:
Students will be able to demonstrate writing and research competency, including the ability to create carefully articulated empirical research papers and employ effective oral and written communication skills regarding the study of politics.