The Department offers three major concentrations in Politics & Global Studies. The concentrations are designed to meet students’ diverse interests and career and graduate school needs.


This concentration exposes students to all the sub-fields in the discipline as well as allows the most flexibility in terms of course selection. It is appropriate for any student who wants to major in Politics & Global Studies. Students interested in Israeli and Middle East politics may utilize this track by selecting courses that focus in this area.


This concentration focuses on US politics, law, and public policy and it is intended for students interested in careers in law, business, or the public sector as legal advisors, administrators and policymakers at all levels of government. It allows students to focus on US politics, issues in public policy and prepare for law school. Thus, the concentration may be tailored to meet the specific interests of the student. This concentration is especially appropriate for students planning to go to law school, graduate schools related to public policy, or for those interested in entering public or community service.


This concentration allows students to focus on international relations and global issues, including the areas of international security, international political economy, economic and human development, human rights, and international environmental issues. Students may tailor their coursework in this concentration to include all aspects of these global issues or to focus more narrowly on a subset of them. The concentration is especially useful for students interested in attending graduate school for global studies, international relations, or security studies, and/or working in the international arena in diverse careers such as in international business and trade, or with an international governmental or non-governmental organization.

The Department encourages student internships as well as study abroad. Other special departmental programs include the Model United Nations and the Politics & Global Studies Student Association.