Preparing students for business success through a strong foundation of learning.

The Business Innovation & Administration major addresses three sectors of the global economy: for-profit, nonprofit and government. Instructors have real-world business experience and ensure that their classes are infused with reality based with hands-on experiences. Core skills and practical knowledge areas include law, accounting, statistics, economic theory, organizational behavior, management, and human relations.

Ethics as a theme is presented throughout the curriculum. Students are compelled to confront a wide range of moral matters that occur in business and work to assess their own personal value systems.

Many Business Innovation & Administration majors take on internships, working at organizations throughout the Los Angeles area, to sharpen their skill and gain practical experience.  

To succeed in this major, students must demonstrate problem solving skills and how to articulate their analysis and solutions verbally and in writing, in a concise and well supported way. The use of these problem solving skill-sets in combination with the subject based skills equip students to face a wide range of work related, as well as personally related issues that form a strong foundation for academic and professional success in life.