AJU's Campus Directory is in alphabetical order by first name.

All extensions can be reached by dialing (310) 476-9777 and then entering the extension when prompted.

First/Last Name Ext. Email Title Department
Aaron Goldberg 571 agoldberg@aju.edu Assistant Director Camp Alonim
Adam Greenwald  292 agreenwald@aju.edu Executive Director Intro to Judaism
Alec Holle 500 alec.holle@aju.edu Scheduling, Logistics & Classroom Support Coordinator Familian Campus
Aliza Klainman 436 hebrew@aju.edu Community Hebrew Coordinator Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Alla Bulat 504 abulat@aju.edu Accounts Payable Accounting
Arnie Weisberg 296 aweisberg@aju.edu Registrar Office of the Registrar
Barry Morris 564 bmorris@aju.edu Facilities  Familian Campus
Ben Wright 273 intro@aju.edu Administrative Assistant Intro to Judaism
Beryl Bessemer 283 beryl.bessemer@aju.edu Special Projects Manager Advancement
Bradley S. Artson 257 bartson@aju.edu Vice President & Abner & Roslyn Goldstine Dean’s Chair Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Brenda Hernandez 555 bhernandez@aju.edu Campaign Associate & Database Coordinator Advancement
Briana Dorton 279 briana.dorton@aju.edu Graduate Program Assistant Graduate Programs
Caroline Cohen 537 ccohen@aju.edu Programming Coordinator Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Cesar Delfin 730 cdelfin@aju.edu Conference Coordinator Brandeis-Bardin Campus
Cheryl Peretz 213 cperetz@aju.edu Associate Dean Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Chloe Noland 451 chloe.noland@aju.edu Librarian  Bel & Jack M. Ostrow Library
Daniel Maccabee 720 dmaccabee@aju.edu Director of Operations Brandeis-Bardin Campus
Debbie Green 260 debbie.green@aju.edu Assistant Dean Graduate School of Nonprofit Management
Debby Powell 728 dpowell@aju.edu Director of Community Services Brandeis-Bardin Campus
Elliot Dorff 255 edorff@aju.edu Rector Administration
Gary Edwards 509 gedwards@aju.edu Systems Administrator Campus Technology Department
Gavrielle Dones 380 gavrielle.dones@aju.edu Project Manager Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Geena Brown 556 geena.brown@aju.edu Arts Program Associate Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Hilary Hawthorne 202 hhawthorne@aju.edu Executive Assistant to the President Administration
Jackie Ben-Efraim 245 jbenefraim@aju.edu Special Collections Librarian Bel & Jack M. Ostrow Library
Jeff Stuart 506 jstuart@aju.edu Director of Dining Services Familian Campus
Jeffrey Herbst 281 Jeffrey.Herbst@aju.edu  President Administration
Jenn Simpson 234 alonim@aju.edu Enrollment & Communications Manager Camp Alonim
Jessica Krause 586 jessica.krause@aju.edu Interim Director of Student Affairs, Director of Resident and Student Life Student Affairs Office
Joanna Gerber 529 jgerber@aju.edu Vice President, Communications & Enrollment Management Communications, Undergraduate Admissions
Josh Levine 290 jlevine@aju.edu Executive Director Camp Alonim
Judith Golden 221 mikveh@aju.edu Mikveh Coordinator Mikveh
Judy Feldman 521 judyfeldman@aju.edu Director of Advancement      Advancement
Judy Reiter 535 judy.reiter@aju.edu Office Manager Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Juliet Gabrelian 222 jgabrelian@aju.edu Asst to Registrar & Financial Aid Office Office of the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid
Julio Fuenes 223 jfunes@aju.edu Mail Room Manager Familian Campus
Karen Garelik 274 karen.garelik@aju.edu Assistant Director Camp Alonim
Kathryn Avila 515 kavila@aju.edu Faculty Assistant College of Arts & Sciences
Katie London 221 mikveh@aju.edu Mikveh Manager Mikveh
Larisa Zadoyen 252 lzadoyen@aju.edu Director of Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid
Laura-Beth Sholkoff 446 lbsholkoff@aju.edu Interim Director, Whizin Center Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Lisa Silverman 264 lisa.silverman@aju.edu Library Director Sperber Community Library 
Margaret Altschul 246 wagner@aju.edu Director Wagner Program
Margaret Yung 448 myung@aju.edu Accounting Manager Finance
Margarita Kouzel 730 margarita.kouzel@aju.edu Director of Ropes Course Operations Brandeis-Bardin Campus
Margarita Shab 595 mshab@aju.edu Accounts Receivable Finance
Mauricio Chavez 227 mchavez@aju.edu Director of Operations Familian Campus
Max Brother 565 mbrother@aju.edu AV & Classroom Tech Specialist , Theater Coordinator Campus Technology Department
Michael Berenbaum 576 mberenbaum@aju.edu Director Sigi Ziering Institute
Michelle Starkman 526 michelle.starkman@aju.edu Director of Communications Communications
Morris Panitz 246 BCI@aju.edu Programming Director Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI)
Moshe Yalovsky 439 Moshe@aju.edu Campus Technology Familian Campus
Navah Becker 736 nbecker@aju.edu Director of Programming Brandeis-Bardin Campus
Nellie Goodarznia 203 ngoodarznia@aju.edu Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Nursing Staff 219 nurse@aju.edu Nurse Student Health Services
Patricia Fenton 518 pfenton@aju.edu Manager of Public Services Bel & Jack M. Ostrow Library
Paul Miller 239 pmiller@aju.edu Director of Library Services Bel & Jack M. Ostrow Library
Paula Alvarez 235 palvarez@aju.edu Executive Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Popy Datta 245 pdatta@aju.edu Cataloging Bel & Jack M. Ostrow Library
Rachel Lerner 240 rachel.lerner@aju.edu Dean Graduate Center for Jewish Education
Reggie Nudell 211 rnudell@aju.edu Campaign Associate Advancement
Rhoda Weisman 259 rweisman@aju.edu Dean Graduate School of Nonprofit Management
Robbie Totten 502 rtotten@aju.edu Interim Chief Academic Officer, Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Administration, College of Arts & Sciences
Robert Wexler 202 rwexler@aju.edu Colen Distinguished Lecturer, President Emeritus Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Rotem Rozental 435 rotem.rozental@aju.edu Assistant Dean & Chief Curator & Director, IJC   Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Rusty Meyer 287 rmeyer@aju.edu Director of Auxiliary and Logistic Services Familian Campus
Sam Levitt 288 slevitt@aju.edu Vice President of Facilities & Auxiliary Services Facilities & Auxiliary Services
Samantha Weinberg 539 sweinberg@aju.edu Academic Affairs Coordinator College of Arts & Sciences
Sammy Seid 510 sammy.seid@aju.edu Ziegler Admissions Coordinator Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Sara Smith 526 sara.smith@aju.edu Assistant Dean Graduate Center for Jewish Education
Shery Ganjian 207 sganjian@aju.edu Administrative Assistant Advancement
Sidney Vorodi 224 svorodi@aju.edu Senior Accountant  Accounting
Yvonne Nieto 226 ynieto@aju.edu Payroll Administrator  Accounting
Zofia Yalovsky 530 zyalovsky@aju.edu Executive Vice President & Chief Financial, Administration & Technology Officer Administration